About Us

It takes a long time to grow an old friend. 

There are five of us. It actually started with four, the two on the left and the two on the right. We adopted the one in the middle during college. The rest of us literally began a life of friendship in elementary school. There are hours of stories, some of them magic and some of them tragic (thanks, Jimmy), but, really, the things that bind us are the laughs. We laugh a lot. 

Soooooooo...when one of us, to be unnamed, said, "Hey, we should start a t-shirt company!" What did we do? We laughed! We couldn't imagine how that would work with our full-time jobs, husbands, children, and our pets!  Yet, the more we talked, the more we began to see that this is what we are supposed to do. If for nothing else than to make shirts we really like and not have to explain to our husbands why we bought so many! 

What about that name, Taylor Mill Clothing Co.? The original four grew up in the tiny, Alabama town of Elba. You know the deal - not much to do but ride the roads. One of those main roads was Taylor Mill Road. It's funny now that one of us lives on that very same road. 

You just never know where life is going to take you. Some time it brings you right back to where you started. Some times you are blessed enough to have friends that are truly family. Some times you even wind up making t-shirts. This is the five of us. 



Angie:  The Hilarious One 

Angie makes us laugh just by being herself. From the one-liners to the random jokes, this one keeps us in stitches, sometimes without even trying! She is a sonographer and is married with two beautiful girls. She runs pretty crazy taking the girls to dance, gymnastics, cheer, and pageant practices but they always find time to enjoy their pool and trips to the beach. 

Destiny:  The Voice of Reason One


Destiny is always trying to keep us straight. She typically asks us those "what-if" questions that we don't always want to think about. We think it is more than likely to keep us out of trouble and we love her for it! She's an exhausted mom of a college sophomore, high-schooler, elementary student, and all of  the kiddos that she cares for through her job as a school social worker. She is married to her high-school sweetheart and together they manage to stay sane.  


Emily:  The Sweet One


Emily has the sweetest demeanor and kindest heart. We depend on her for her listening skills and calm advice. She wins the prize for always answering her phone! When Em isn't teaching or at church, she and her husband can be found hauling dance or softball gear for for their three girls. 


Jill:  The No Non-Sense One

Maybe it is life with boys or possibly it is that she simply looses patience with the rest of us, but this one forces us to cut to the chase when it is needed! If there is a decision to be made, we can count on Jill to move us to a conclusion. A funny one herself, her two boys and husband keep her laughing. She is an occupational therapist for home health who likes to squeeze in a good game of golf. If you need her, stop by the basketball gym or baseball field and say hi.


Jodie:  The Mama Hen One 

The oldest of the bunch, Jodie is our trip planner, reservation maker, and all-around friend wrangler! She's married to a coach who has moved her across the state of Alabama, but she still manages to stay one of the Fab Five - even though, she NEVER answers her phone. The gray hair spotted in this photo is from the years of high school and Auburn football games, her job as an education administrator, currently  chasing a toddler, and getting another daughter through college and into adulthood!